He came to Kenya in 1977. Having a doctorate degree, he started lecturing at the Newly established Makarios III seminary In Nairobi. This put him directly in charge of growth of the church via intellectual guidance and development of the clergy in the whole of Africa. no other has served the church in Africa like he has. he has in Kenya, went to Zimbabwe and came back to Kenya. he has sourced funds and helped to build hundreds of churches all over the country. he has inspired dozens of clergy in the church to start and run self sustaining micro-projects in the church in form of clinics, schools and even a college. He has laid hands to ordain more than 300 priests during his tenure. whenever there arises challenges; “there is hope, everything is possible, we shall try, we will do when we can, we shall do it, pray and through God’s grace everything will be okay”” these are some of his comforting messages to the clergy and other Christians who report to him with problems and looking for his hand to solve them. many are those that he solves and goes on to assist whenever possible. truly a man of God. he will be the first to confess if he offends the clergy. and who dares attack him directly, “he will be down to the ground to make peace. he will go to all ends and make every effort to ensure the church is one in Kenya. you may not like him, but, what can you show for your hate. he will show you clergy, he will show you catechist, he will show you nice churches and chapels, he will show you schools and clinics. this will proof to you his love for the church far supersedes yours. you have no option other than to pray for him”MAY GOD GRANT YOU MANY YEARS.”
archbishop makarios with kids at Njabini
many times he will be in the remote areas baptizing, consecrating, meeting priest, conducting burials and weddings, praying for the sick anointing the weak and teaching the communities.
you will meet him on the road walking the rough terrains to reach those who live in places without roads. you will find him with the lowly in the community. he is humble, he knows how to listen and not even one who can say ” I was not listened to”. is this the role model or the mentor. its at your discretion to decide whether he qualifies to as to be called a spiritual man.

Archbishop Makarios Of Kenya